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A Brand New Publication - Animal Rescue

Yep, I started a virtual magazine

Nikki Waterson

If you haven't heard of, it's pretty cool is a place to write whatever you want. It can be long or short, pictures or no pictures, fiction or think-piece, whatever you want. The joy of Medium is it's also a community. And I've discovered my favourite thing about it - publications.

About Animal Rescue

And while there are publications on Medium already focusing on animals, there is very little on animal rescue. So I decided to launch Animal Rescue the publication, and here we are.

The logo for Animal Rescue, my new publication on

Articles so far

Here are some of the articles published in Animal Rescue so far.

While these are also published here on Paws for Giving, I wanted to make sure there's a way to freely access all of my content still. So I will continue publishing rescue articles here.

The goal of Animal Rescue being only for premium members is so that other animal rescue content creators, like you perhaps, can submit to Animal Rescue with a Medium account, and possibly even earn a small bit of pay off other people reading your content. As well as compiling a comprehensive range of information on Animal Rescue of course!

Interested in writing something?

Check out the submission guidelines at the link below and email me at