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A Rescue Story

How PussCat chose his family with one meow

Nikki Waterson - 13 Jan 2021

One couple's quick thinking that led to rescuing this unique kitty

The other day, one of our luxury hotel stay voucher winners for March, Pamela, sent me the sweetest rescue story.

We were emailing back and forth about the prize and the options of destinations all over Australia, and we got to chatting about her beautiful rescued cat, PussCat.

Yes, that's an odd name for a cat, but bear with me. Because PussCat's name is an integral part of how he was rescued, and Pamela and her husband's quick thinking on their feet.

Stray cats are often seen as pests, relying on the goodwill of good hoomans to give them a place in their home

Pamela and her husband found PussCat dumped under a donga (also known as a transportable or demountable building in other parts of Australia) in the Pilbara.

"We used to pass this donga which was being used as a gym on our way to a restaurant and, as we passed by, we heard this pitiful meowing noise and saw this timid little cat emerge."

And while many might have walked on by, Pamela and her husband did the good hooman thing, and stopped to check on the little cat.

Not only did they wait to check on him, but they noticed that he hadn't shown interest in others passing by, and from that moment, as Pamela described it, they knew they were chosen.

"My husband asked him if he would like to come and live with us and he replied "meow" so, with the aid of some tempting tuna, we rescued him."

Whenever we consider rescuing an apparently stray cat, it's important to be observant, do they have a collar? Do they appear domesticated? The more informed we have, the better our chances of rescuing and rehabilitating a stray are.

And the thing that touched me reading Pamela's story - more than stopping to save PussCat and tempting him with tuna, even more than her husband asking PussCat, straight up, for his consent in the matter - was the thoughtfulness of how Pamela and her husband called out to their timid new furry friend.

"...He was so terrified we couldn't immediately establish what sex he was. And we tried to choose a non-gender specific name that he might have been referred to before and thus might be vaguely familiar to him."

If that isn't clever, what is? So they called out to him "PussCat" and were able to rescue the timid kitty.

And it's that kind of thoughtfulness that the pair displayed that shows they are shining examples of the exact kinds of good hoomans I just love connecting with through Paws for Giving.

Once they took him home, they estimated PussCat's age to be about 6 months old. But the vet they took him to for a check-up surprised them with a different assessment.

"He reckoned he was about a year old and starving. He may have been dumped because he hadn't been de-sexed and he should have been and, in the Pilbara, that's an expensive operation if you haven't much money, as everything there is quite costly."

And as someone who lived in Coober Pedy (a remote mining town in outback South Australia) I can relate to how expensive animal care is in the bush. Our closest vet was 6 hours away, in Port Augusta. It was always terrifying to think of how powerless we would be if our pup was bitten by a snake when I lived out there.

Everything comes with a premium in the outback. Because goods are being sent further, and expertise is hard to come by. Locums, travelling vets, dentists and doctors and other services are common, and as you can imagine, with the need for mobility and callouts, the price goes up.

So it is sadly unsurprising that Pamela's inclination is PussCat was possibly dumped because he wasn't de-sexed, and the procedure was expensive.

Thankfully, Pamela and her husband got the veterinary care that PussCat needed. He was de-sexed, vaccinated and micro-chipped, and he quickly bounced back to full fitness and health.

PussCat's angelic face and gentle eyes say evertyhing, he's a kitty who just wants to love and be loved. And now he is.

And the couple are in awe still of how anyone could have given up such a sweetheart.

"He is an indoors-only cat and he has a gorgeous personality: he is very loving and affectionate."

PussCat is even showing signs of being cleverer than the average kitty. As Pamela has spent quite a bit of time training him to understand and respond to various words and phrases, and the count is now at about 14!

Pamela and her husband are very excited to take their luxury hotel stay, which just couldn't have been given to a more deserving couple.

"I was absolutely thrilled to receive an email advising that I was one of the 20 lucky winners of a hotel voucher and I can't wait to receive this and start planning a trip away! Many thanks to Nikki and Paws For Giving for this wonderful opportunity!"

Thank you again to Pamela for sharing your family's story. You are so deserving of this prize, and I hope you have a wonderful trip! If you were touched by Pamela's story of rescuing PussCat, leave a comment below!

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