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May 29, 2021 6 min read

Gifts for animal lovers that give back

Why Gift Giving Has Changed

It feels so good to show our loved ones how much we care about them, and giving gifts is a perfect way to do it. Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries, weddings - choosing a perfect present for my loved ones is always special.

I also think the way we give gifts is changing. After a hard year, it feels even more important to send something to the loved ones I’ve missed through the pandemic - to show them just how much I care.

 I also found myself wanting to give gifts that served a bigger purpose.

Perhaps it’s social media, offering us more information about the way things are made, by who and how companies spend their profits that’s done it?

Or maybe it’s the impact of a tough year on people's livelihoods and businesses? But I’ve personally found that I’m thinking more and more about where my money is going, and what impact that money has.

And I don’t think I am alone in that!

That’s why I set up Paws For Giving. Because I wanted to create an easy way to find amazing gifts that do more for a cause close to my (and many others’) heart - animal rescue.

I wanted to create a place to find gifts that can give back, as well as lighting up our loved ones’ lives! Whether it’s about coming from the heart, thinking outside the box or helping others, here are some of the ways meaning is injected into every piece in our shop.

(Plus, you may discover a few ideas for how to give gifts with extra meaning, no matter who you are buying for.)

1. Handmade From The Heart

Why not consider commissioning a custom original artwork of your loved one’s pet?

Handmade is a surefire way to someone’s heart. When opening something created with time, effort and love, it can’t help but shine. Especially if it's of a pet who has passed away, these portraits are a gorgeous way to keep a memory alive.

If you groan at the thought of DIY, don’t worry. Handmade doesn’t have to be hard! Big or small, they always elicit joy, and the small details can make all the difference. Like when you let someone else do it for you!

If you have an eye for detail, why not create your own cards for special occasions? A few strips of card and some imagination is all it takes. You could brush up your skills with a YouTube video on calligraphy, or use their favourite quote or poem for a lifetime keepsake.

If you’d like to get the kids involved, why not make some homemade masterpieces? Whether it’s potato painting, finger drawing or creating your own stamped wrapping paper. It’s a simple gift that’s unique for that person, whether for an ideal fridge art or a gift wrapping addition.

If you’d rather leave the DIY to someone else, there’s heaps of charm to be found in handmade gifts by local artists or artisan crafters.

Also, each purchase you make from Paws For Giving means money donated to animal rescues shelters across Australia. That’ll be sure to warm their heart as well as yours.

Or if you want to go super special and take your gift personalisation to the next level, why not consider commissioning a custom original artwork of your loved one AND their pet? 

You really can’t get more unique than that - a truly one-of-a-kind piece of art that they can showcase in their home or workspace with pride. Colourful, emotive, creative and top professional quality, this is a gift they can cherish for life.

2. Find Their Niche

Gifting to an animal lover? Get them a quirky gift from our love and animals range.

What do you know about your loved one? What’s the one thing that lifts their heart?

What do you know about your loved one? What’s the one thing that lifts their heart?

If you found us, chances are you might be looking for gifts for dog lovers. Our canine friends are so special to us in so many ways, so a great gift for dog lovers is one that appreciates the passion and hard work that goes into these wonderful animals. Whether you’re searching for a gift for a shelter worker or just a happy pet parent, you’ve come to the right place!

Our shopis full of personalised and special pieces that are chosen specifically for their meaning. Give them something to show off their furry best friend - a fancy new collar and lead, a bandana or bow tie, or even a matching owner-pet set!3

Alternatively, you may want to check out our All You Need is Love cats and dogs sets. The perfect gift for anyone who’s heads over tails for their fur-friends (that’s the saying, right? What?? You mean it’s not?!)

These fun, funky and expressive gifts can be further personalised too! For example, you can try filling the multicoloured canisters with their dog or cat’s favourite treats, or you can print out a photo of their beloved furry baby and add it to one of these unique photo frames.

Or have your loved ones just welcomed a new puppy into their life? A warming wheat bag is a thoughtful gift to help their new fur baby feel at home.

As well as birthday gifts for dog lovers, we have gifts for dog lovers without dogs too - with pup themed homeware, accessories and more!

3. Showing Support

More and more Aussies are embracing the small business movement. After a tough year, supporting local and independent makers has become close to everyone’s hearts.

If your loved one feels strongly about showing solidarity, choosing a gift from a grateful business is a great way to show how you’ve listened to what’s important to them.

For this reason, we curated a “small and medium makers” section to our website, as well as an “Australian made” section. So this way, they will know where their gift is coming from. We hope this makes it easier to find gifts that support makers with intention and purpose, as well as supporting the hard work of both small business and animal shelters across Australia.

More of us are also wanting to support the planet with what we buy. So if you hear that your loved one is trying to do their bit for the planet, then they will definitely appreciate anything that helps them out with this goal. We created an “eco-friendly” selection, so you can give meaningful gifts that align with their lifestyle choices.

Plus, it means they help pups enjoy the beauty of mother nature too! Our top pick?

These Block Man Planter Pots are available in a range of colours and soon available in a ‘sitting down’ position, these planter pots are heaps of fun and will be sure to bring a smile to any face.

These have been super popular with the community so far, and we’ve loved hearing how they brighten up a room! This gift will most definitely appeal to any green-fingered friend, or can help invite a little character into an otherwise stuffy or serious office space.

Personally, we love them… just check out that bod!

4. Donate For Them 

Why not consider a donation in their name?

We all love the feeling of giving back. Donating to charity is such a fantastic way to remember what’s important in the world, and how grateful we are to be able to donate.

But what I always find is that donating can be tough. With so much on the to-do list and so many other ways we need to stretch our money, it can often get left behind.

So why not organise it for someone else? It could be as simple as buying from a site like this, that donates 50% of profits to help animals in need. Or perhaps it could take the form of a year’s support for a charity close to their heart.

Often these packages can show your loved one in pictures all the good the donation is doing on their behalf. You can choose to support any of the Aussie animal rescue groups who are registered as a charity with the ACNC through our website.

The time and effort involved in volunteering can be hard to do. So what about organising some volunteering for you and your loved one? Not only are experiential gifts some of the most memorable, but you’ll both be doing something wonderfully worthwhile.

If they are a dog lover, perhaps ring your local shelter and see if they need some dog walking volunteers? It’s a gift they are bound not to forget soon!

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