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June 20, 2021 3 min read

Whether you choose it printed on canvas or as a digital pet portrait, you're going to love this gift

Nikki Waterson

1. Pay them back for all the love they show you

You know how your furry friend is always waiting for you at home, tail wagging, ready to greet you? Or if they’re a cat at least they might sit in the window and lick their paw. They show you that completely unconditional love, day in day out.

Meanwhile, as pet owners it can be hard to show our appreciation for our pets sometimes. Especially when even as a pet lover we are busy with work, family or other commitments.

I'd bet that if they could, your fur babies would keep a portrait of you on the wall.

Maybe they actually sit and gaze at the family photos during the day while you’re out. Likely when they’re looking out the window, they’re counting the cars and people walking by, waiting for the one they know that looks and sounds exactly like your car. And then their tail starts wagging again.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could show them that same level of loyalty and love right back, keeping a gorgeous portrait of your pet who you love so much on your wall?

Which is the first reason that a custom pet portraits are just the best gifts - to a friend, yourself, or really to you and your fur baby. 

With infinite revisions until you're happy with it - you can't go wrong.

2. Show them you love them, forever


The sad truth is we know we aren’t likely to have our fur-family members outlive us. And there are lots of ways tomemorialisepetsout there… that are memorials. As in you get them after your pet passes, not while they’re alive.

The joy of a pet portrait is that it isn’t about death, it’s about celebrating life. Celebrating your family member in their most natural, happy state, exactly as you always want to remember them.

Your cat or dog portrait will perfectly capture your pet's personality, so that you can keep your pet with you forever, and is the perfect gift for anyone who has recently lost a pet.

3. Own a gorgeous work of art that everyone will admire

Style your portrait to YOUR furry friend, you choose every aspect of the portrait

When you have a custom piece of art, everyone who comes to your house is going to comment on it. Look, I’m not saying we should aim to impress other people, but it’s a very nice feeling when you can own a talking piece, especially when that talking piece is close to your heart!

4. Give them the best gift they’ve ever received

Remember 50% of paw-rofits are donated to a rescue of your choice!

Ever wanted to be that person who gives a gift that means the world to someone? The kind of gift that has so much sentimental attachment and special meaning, that you basically WIN at gift giving. Not that it’s about winning or losing of course! But is it? No, it’s not… 

But it still is pretty amazing to see the emotion present on your giftee’s face, as their eyes well up and they are lost for words, when they open up the portrait and see the most special member of their family recreated in gorgeous watercolour.

5. Show how they’ve grown over time

Get one portrait of them as a puppy or kitten, and another of them as an adult. The perfect pair!

Why not get one portrait of them as a puppy or kitten , and one of them as an adult? Already an adult? That’s okay, you can send through that puppy photo and that adult photo for this gorgeous paired time capsule set of pieces.

It's the ultimate way to show your love for your fur baby, and really remember all the good times (and the bad times - toilet training accidents and sharp puppy teeth perhaps), but to create the most unique gift remembering your or a loved one's pet you've ever seen!

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