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August 12, 2021 7 min read

...Here are 9 social enterprises with gifts that give back!

The opportunity to share the spirit of generosity by aiding others overcome problems faced all over the planet is an excellent way to start making a difference in your own community or abroad.

But choosing a charity to donate to on behalf of your loved ones can sometimes feel like a bit of an empty gift.

Whatever you choose, always remember that every gift given is an opportunity to make a difference. Charitable gifts are powerful, and they allow people like you to provide assistance when it's needed most.

The thing that is amazing about our society today is there are so many businesses now doing good, every single day, operating as social enterprises. These organisations operate for a unique social purpose as well as operating as a business. They aim to do good in the community, support non profit organisations or build partnerships and provide aid.

So, I'm going to list out some of my favourite social enterprises... that let you give gifts that give back!

1) Dog food that helps communities save more animals with every purchase - SavourLife

SavourLife were the original inspiration for starting Paws for Giving.

They donate 50% of profits to small and medium animal rescues, and have donated literally millions of dollars so far.

Their contributions to rescues have helped improve animal welfare across Australia. I was so impressed by their commitment of donating 50% of profits - it was nothing like the usual promises you hear of donating of one percent of revenue, or ten percent of profits even.

So if you're giving gifts to a dog owner, why not gift them some bags of treats from SavourLife's natural treat range, with a little note to explain why you are getting them this unusual but awesome present?

SavourLife's range of all natural treats are doggy delicious and perfect for training

SavourLife's range of all natural treats are doggy delicious and perfect for training

2) Charity Gifts to stop human trafficking - Outland Denim

Outland Denim is another Aussie company founded with a clear goal in mind - to fight human trafficking in Cambodia.

The company employs young women who would otherwise be at risk of being trafficked, and for every product sold, the proceeds benefit those same women. They also offer free shipping on all orders over $100!

A gift from Outland Denim is the perfect present for anyone looking for a way to support a powerful cause based on human rights. Every pair of jeans or jacket purchased is truly life-changing for these women.

Ava Jacket Outland Denim

The Ava Jacket from Outland Denim helps stop human trafficking.

3) Goodwill Wine - a delicious Charity Gift where you choose the Charity!

Goodwill Wine is one of my favourite charitable causes, partially because well... wine. But mostly because in collaborating with Goodwill Wine I have found the most genuine, welcoming and open group of passionate people one could hope to see in charge of a social enterprise.

If you buy from Goodwill Wine, you will get to know David Laity the CEO. He still writes the weekly newsletters, and writes notes to customers to go along with their wine orders. You can read his blogs here.

And wine is always a great gift for the holiday (or any, let's be honest) season, but the real added bonus is that 50% of profits of your purchase are donated to a non-profit organisation that you choose. So when you're purchasing gifts, Goodwill Wine is a real no-brainer.

Choose an environmental justice cause like the Sea Shepherd or one aimed at improving life for disadvantaged children. Whatever you choose, the wine is delicious, and the support for these causes is just a wonderful sweetener on top.

Goodwill Wine Gift Pack

Goodwill Wine gift packsare really affordable, starting at $39.95. A total bargain if you ask me!

4) Gifts that give back for pet owners - Puccii

Pucciiis a small business, founded by teenager with a profound love for animals that saw them wanting to do something to help rescues, and ultimately help their furry best friend.

They donate 50% of profits to animal rescues, and so if you want to contribute to animal protection causes where rescues are saving animals from the pound every day of the year, Puccii is a great choice.

They stock a range of high quality dog accessories like leads and collars.

Considering this business is run the entire school year, the girls have done a very impressive job, and I think they're going to be social justice super heroes in the future.

A Pucci Dog Lead

Pucci dog collars start at $16.00 and leads at $39.00

5) Paws for Giving

And of course I can't talk about gift ideas without mentioning Paws for Giving! We also donate 50% of profits to small and medium animal rescues.

The feel good effect of buying from a social enterprise like us and all of these others is amazing, and I seriously recommend each and every one of these gifts as a must have.

Custom watercolour pet portrait Paws for Giving

A custom pet portrait starts at $29.95 for digital only, see the range - 50% profits are donated to animal rescues!

It's not drinking along if your dog/cat is home wine glasses

These wine glasses are $15.95 each and are the perfect gift, especially knowing 50% of profits are donated to animal rescues!

6) Who Gives a Crap

These guys are a social enterprise in Australia who make toilet paper, with 50% of profits going to helping third world countries to build toilets.

Yes, we all wish we bought stockin them back in 2019.

Even better than how much they blew up during the Covid-19 Pandemic, with amazing growth meaning more charitable work done, is the story of how they got started.

Considering this business is run the entire school year, the girls have done a very impressive job, and I think they're going to be social justice super heroes in the future.

Back in 2012, Co-Founder Simon Griffiths sat on a toilet, live-streamed it, and refused to get up until the company's Kickstarter was funded.

Needless to say, the stunt worked, and they were funded - the magic number was $50,000. In the end, it took 50 hours, and Simon has pledged to never do this again.

However, it generated a cult following from the start - on top of receiving the funding they needed. And Who Gives a Crap has kept that same cheeky (pun intended) sense of humour that they had at the start.

As of 2021, they have donated 8.3 million to help provide proper sanitation for the 2 billion people in need, meaning - building toilets.

As you can imagine, Who Gives a Crap have helped countless numbers of kids, families and communities to improve their health and safety thanks to clean water and toilets.

Supporting Who Give a Crap by simply buying a toilet paper subscription is a left-field but fun way to gift a gift that will help both you and your giftee feel good about where your funds went!

It's not drinking along if your dog/cat is home wine glasses

Order toilet paper, paper towel and tissues from this amazing social enterprise

7) For the environment - Ecopads

Ecopads Australia is a social enterprise supporting women's and girls education, empowerment and environmental projects.

And they are one of those organisations working towards a more sustainable future for Australia, with their collection of eco-friendly re-usable, handmade women's cloth pad products.

When Ecopads founder Freeda Thong initially started making these cloth pads from friends and family, the demand quickly grew.

Gifting these pads to a woman in your life to give the gift of knowing she has minimised her environmental impact and is supporting an ethical organisation.

It's not drinking along if your dog/cat is home wine glasses

Choose your favourite patterns, your needed absorbency and your favourite design!

8) GGs Flowers

A gift and florist business based in Canberra, GG's Flowers is a great example of what happens when your love for your children meets ingenuity in planning for the future.

"We have a beautiful sister, Gayana Wijewickrema, a 15-year-old girl with Down Syndrome. Gayana is a cheeky girl that loves going out with her family, experimenting Frozen Yogurt flavours, smiling and cuddling."

The organisation was started when this family who, frankly, I want to be adopted by after reading about them, decided to secure 15 year old Gayana's future by providing her a sustained way to be employed.

"When we receive your order, Gayana and Geetha work together to make you a beautiful arrangement for any occasion. Then Gayana, delivers the flowers to your door, with a big smile and even bigger ulteria motive- she really wants to meet your dog."

Gayana, I'd love for you to meet my dog. While she won't be with me next time I'm in Canberra, I'll be sure to say hello.

It's not drinking along if your dog/cat is home wine glasses

This incredibly family create gorgeous flower arrangements in Canberra. Shop their range here.

9) A big one -Thankyou Group

This company is passionate about supporting the Australian economy and sustaining Aussie jobs. The core range of personal care products are manufactured in Melbourne and Sydney. 

The Thankyou Charitable Trust owns the Thankyou Group, and distributes funds from the group to their change-makers.

After all the costs involved in getting their products to market, every cent left funds their projects to end extreme poverty.

"This means that after all the costs involved in getting great products to you are taken care of, every cent left helps end extreme poverty. To date, we’ve raised over $17 million for impact."

The amount they have raised is just enormous and is such a good example of how when organisations go to efforts to give back, every purchase has a positive impact on the overall donation that those businesses will make.

It's not drinking along if your dog/cat is home wine glasses

Thankyou have a great range of Australian made personal care products

And so I hope you found something meaningful from this list... ideas on gifts that give back, so that you can give a gift a support a good cause this year.

In an uncertain time, sometime the best comforts come from being a decent human being and supporting something bigger than yourself. So why not do that, but reward yourself or your giftee at the same time?

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