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October 14, 2021 2 min read

A letter from the older you, who still doesn’t know much but has no regrets.

Dear Nikki of 2013-ish

You’ve been writing a novel.

You might not finish writing it, but that’s okay. You will do an amazing job; I still look back at that novel in those metaphorically dusty word documents, sometimes, and wonder how you did it. You wrote in a frenzy back then. And you won’t be able to do that anymore after a while, so enjoy it.

You and I both know you aren’t in a writing place to finish or publish a novel anyway! Enjoy trying all of your new hobbies. You’ll learn a lot. You’re going to make some beautiful quilts, but don’t spend too much time working on the final quilting bit at the end. Trust me; we won’t ever be good at it.

There are hard times ahead for the next 8 years. You make all the right decisions, though. Some take you through horrible experiences and don’t feel right at the time. Okay, a lot don’t feel right at the time. But you’ll stay strong. We have no regrets.

Oh! You know how much you love animals? You get to live out that love in a big way in a few years. And you get to help make a difference, more than you ever thought you could. More than you actually ever could in the police. So when you get frustrated over the pain you see in the outback, please remember this. You get to help, eventually.

I’m not saying we’re a prominent philanthropist now. Far from it.

But just know that you have so many things to look forward to. And none of your friends or family are dead yet. Because I know how much you always worry about that.

The wonderful thing about all of this is we’ve just gotten back into writing. We’re relearning that passion you have right now. So when you think over the next 8 years, you can’t do it anymore, trust me, you can.

Lots of love

Yourself, 2021

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