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October 13, 2021 1 min read

A letter to my new mum, who I now live with

We need to bark. I mean, talk. Whatever.

You did something today and it wasn’t okay, and frankly, it’s been happening more and more recently. I guess now I have to be the one to bring it up.

I just wrote you a lovely letter about how wonderful the bed is. You know this is how I feel. I even said some gooey stuff about how I feel extra close to you because I get to sleep on the bed. I mean, near you.

But ever since that letter, it feels like you’re forgetting me.

You know I love naps too!

Why are you closing the bedroom door before I can come in when you have naps during the day?

It’s hard enough not to be able to climb up to the bed on my own, now I’m meant to work out how to open doors?

Ugh, rude.

Anyway, please bring me with you for your next nap. I’m easy to pick up. I weigh 7 kilos. Yes, I know how to read the scales, you weight-obsessed so-and-so.

But also I get the weighing thing, I’m little, but I can eat a lot.

Okay, I’ve lost my point now.

Let me nap with you.



Cherry 🐾

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