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October 09, 2021 3 min read

A letter to my new mum, who I now live with

Okay, look.

I've been trying to tell you this by barking it to you, but you haven't been listening. Sometimes you even put me outside. Rude.

You know I'm fourteen years old, right?

Respect your elders!

Okay, anyway. Here goes.

First of all, I don't know why you took me away from my Old Mum and why my Old Mum never came to get me. I miss her, and I miss my best friend, the cat. We used to run around and chase each other. It was a lot of fun, and you don't live with any cats for me to be friends with, so that was disappointing.

You also put me through a lot when I came to live with you. I was poked and prodded, put under some kind of magical sleeping gas, and I don't know what happened exactly, but my tummy was sore afterwards. So yeah, that was annoying.

Not to mention my mouth. You had some STRANGER pull some of my TEETH out! Didn't you know that teeth are essential for eating?! You could have killed me. Yes, they were sore. I was dealing with it. I was perfectly happy eating my dry food one piece at a time over the day.

And honestly, who is that man living with us? Why won't he let me into his room? I watch him a lot, and I like that spot directly between each of your offices, in the hallway. It's a great spot, actually. I can make sure if either of you leaves your room, I'm right there in front of you. Ready to race you to the kitchen. Ready to give you my best puppy dog eyes. Mostly, ready to mop up any crumbs off the floor because you're both so stingy you don't feed me anything special anyways.

Okay, let's talk about food. The food has been… amazing. I didn't know that there was such a thing as tasty raw mince with rice and veggies. I wouldn't say I like the green ones though, yuck.

Oh, and I do love it when you brush me. You'll notice I come running over when you get the brush; that's because it feels amaaaazing. And because I look fantastic too!

OH, and the bed. I LOVE THE BED. Thank you for letting me sleep on your bed with you. I like how you pick me up and put me down to get on and off the bed because my joints get sore. So jumping can hurt. And I guess I am tiny after all.

But I love being with you all the time. So it's extra special to sleep where you sleep.

OHH! And walkies! I am loving walkies. They were pretty scary at first, considering I'd never really done them before. But because we're together, they're okay. You can trust me, and I won't run off anywhere. As long as I get to walk on the left side. Always. Why? It's a secret, and I'll never tell you.

So yeah, new mum, I'm still curious why you uprooted my happy life in my home. But I'm starting to find things I love about your home. I guess it could be my home too, and it's starting to feel like it.




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