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October 09, 2021 3 min read

Hint: It’s not always great

I’m currently sitting directly opposite the scene shown in the above photo. This Mumma dog gave birth to 8 healthy babies two days ago. She’s finally getting a bit of a nap in, and I’m too scared to do anything except type quietly. Dare I move and make a loud enough noise that she wakes up.

So I’ve had a lot of time to think, as you can imagine. And I got to thinking about all the things we can learn as animal lovers, individuals, even as entrepreneurs and business owners when we look at dog motherhood.

1. You might have sore nipples, but sometimes you have to put up with pain to get through a tough time

That’s right, I said it. Even if your nipples are sore, sometimes you just have to express that milk. Poor Aspen has eight puppies going for her almost every second of the day and night.

It’s similar to how we have tough times in any journey we take in life when we care about something. And I’m not saying suck it up or anything like that. I’m just saying that the resilience we show in those times trains us for the more challenging times in the future.

It helps us grow and become stronger people who can take more nipple action (get through even worse).

2. If you ignore the shitty jobs, they’ll start squealing at you, and you’ll never sleep

We all have things we can think of in life or business that we know we need to do, we should do them, but we don’t want to do them. Sometimes it’s simple procrastination for no particular reason, and other times it’s because the job is really shitty.

Aspen, for instance, has to regularly lick her puppies genitals to get them to wee and poo. But she does it. Religiously. Because otherwise, there’s a lot of squealing and no naps for Aspen.

It’s the same in life — those jobs that you are putting off, are they going to lead to someone being upset with you? Real consequences that affect you or your business? Do the jobs. Get licking.

3. Every minute of napping you can get in is liquid gold

Take it from me, a person with Narcolepsy; naps are life. And to operate as your best self in life and in business, you need to get enough sleep. Otherwise, you’ll be grumpy, irritable, impatient and irrational.

Now and then, Aspen gets to close her eyes for a nap, maybe for a blessed 5 minutes. She makes the most of it. And then she gets right back to work when puppy squeals inevitably wake her.

Thankfully, we don’t need to take the same kind of routine — we can generally go for a whole (or at least partial) night’s sleep. But don’t forget how important every minute of rest is. As someone who doesn’t get effective sleep, I’ve seen the difference, and I know how essential it is.

So when no puppies are trying to get your milk, take naps.

In summary

As you can see, we can learn quite a bit from dog motherhood that applies to everyone — all of us just living our lives day to day, as well as businesses and entrepreneurs.

You might have seen these ideas before, but it’s sometimes necessary to hear an idea in a new way, which is what this article does. This is why I love analogies, and I hope you found some value in this new way of hearing this advice!


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