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October 15, 2021 2 min read

Photo by Farzan Lelinwalla on Unsplash

An Ordinary Pet In Extraordinary Circumstances

Did you know it often takes rehomed animals 3 days just to initially decompress in a new home?

Do you know the effect that pounds have on animals?

Did you know that even after 3 weeks pets in new homes are probably still not settled in?

And pets in pounds are treated and assessed as if this is them, always.

Source: Paws for Giving from “What it’s Like to be a REAL Rescue Pet”

Learn a little bit about animal rescue and all the things our pets go through when rehomed in this little whiteboard infographic video.

And ultimately by the end you’ll see why #RealRescues is an impawtant movement, and we need to show Australia that our rescue pets aren’t broken, damaged or dangerous, they are loveable, unique, members of our family and have places in our hearts, furever.

Yes, I’m sorry about the animal puns. It’s a real problem.

So what is this #RealRescues movement all about?

I started a movement called #RealRescues. Yes I know, hashtags are painful and on the nose. But they also have a purpose, and so I threw away my self-consciousness and got on with it.

A Real Rescue refers to the real animal on the inside of the scared, frightened, angry, lonely, defensive rescue pets in shelters and foster homes across Australia and the world.

And if you watch the video, you’ll understand more about why our rehomed pets become this way. And why it’s so crazy to expect that a rehomed animal won’t display those behaviours.

So what is the problem?

The problem is that we keep choosing to buy from breeders when there are rescue dogs being put down in pounds across Australia every day.

Sometimes because of overcrowding, and sometimes because of behavioural issues. And a lot of the time, those behavioural issues are a result of being locked up in a cage, and not being provided with the safety and space to decompress and become themselves again — in a foster home.

And what should we do about it?

Educate your friends and family, if they are thinking about adopting. Everyone who has a rescue pet knows that it is the most rewarding relationship. You’ll be repaid in more love than you could ever know.

And with the right support from a rescue, a good approach to pet ownership and a bit of patience, you won’t regret your decision for a second.

So to take away from this:

  1. Show this video to those friends and family members who haven’t chosen to get a rescue pet.
  2. If you have a positive experience with rescue pets in your life, share it, and use #RealRescues.

Things don’t change without individuals educating others close to them. Let’s stop the euthanasia of perfectly rehome-able animals now.

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