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October 15, 2021 2 min read

Full disclosure - I've never done 'day in, day out' animal rescue work. Though I do like that through working with many of you for some time now and hearing your stories, I have a fair understanding of what you amazing bunch put up with.


And I will be eternally worshipping each and every one of you for your determination to save animal lives. You experience the worst of the worst, and you still soldier on each new day. It's incredible.


So I wanted to share a love letter of sorts, from me to you all. Something you will likely relate to, possibly so much that you feel a bit like I must have been following you last week. On that note, here goes...


1. You spent all day driving from place to place, collecting supplies, dropping off animals, heading to the vet, and it's FINALLY time for bed.



2. You just brushed all (okay, a lot of) the pet hair off your clothes, and you are looking GORGEOUS.



    3. You've had three coffees, one Berocca and it isn't even midday. Because the brand new fur-ball you're fostering kept you awake ALL night.



    4. You made an appointment for a meet for a new family, and you thought they were just running late. Nope, they stood you up completely. That's okay, it's not like you have a job you should be at or anything right?!



    5. You've been working with one of your badly neglected and abused cats for a year. And she just nailed her first meet-up with her brand new fur-ever family.



    If you enjoyed this post, please share it! I hope it brightened your day one way or another. If you have any other rescue worker moments, stories or experiences that you would love to see in a future updated article, comment below, DM me on Insta at @pawsforgiving or send me an email at nikki@pawsforgiving.com.au!


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