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October 15, 2021 3 min read

Seriously, you fabulous hoomans are the best.

The other day I received some wonderful text messages from Jax of Australian Animal Rescue.

They’re at the end of the post. You can either spoil them now and scroll to the end, (I won’t judge you, they’re worth it). Or you can patiently read the rest of this post and the payoff will be bigger.

Hint: Cute pictures make waiting soooo worth it.

I’ve been working with Jax and Australian Animal Rescue since 2019. They are a small animal rescue based in Victoria, and they rescue a huge range of animals, pets, wildlife and farm animals — in 2020 they rescued 220 cats, 200 possums, 30 goats and 4 alpacas.

They were one of the first rescues to come on board with Paws for Giving and the very first range of art merchandise that I launched back then, under my Art by Nikki W artist brand.

We were reminiscing over how far Paws for Giving has come. Initially starting as just my own illustrated Christmas Cards set, I sold the greeting cards with 50% of profits donated to Aussie animal rescues.

I wanted to find a way for animal rescues to earn revenue that wasn’t going to cost them a cent. I had fairly lofty dreams of supporting multiple Aussie animal rescues in a meaningful way. Not just a few dollars every month, even if they did very much appreciate it still.

The last sale I made through Art by Nikki W of the Paws for Giving range of products was in December 2020. And as the Christmas season wrapped up, and my Partner Rescues were swamped with their own foster and shelter commitments in the flare up of the Covid-19 Pandemic, I came to a realisation.

Sure, my small artisan product ranges were popular and sold well. But they were small. And that meant there was a limit on the number of animal lovers who would be interested in buying from Paws for Giving. Because there wasn’t something for everything.

And if there wasn’t something for everyone, then my Rescue Partners like AAR might only find a few interested supporters, compared to knowing there were all kinds of gifts, from artisans to larger ethical Aussie makers to choose from.

So in the end it was a no-brainer. Paws for Giving was going to be exponentially more effective at raising funds for animal rescues with a larger range of products. And of course that would mean:

Rescues might be able to save just one more life, by breaking a pup out of the pound, or paying for a life-saving operation on a kitten.

So to Jax, AAR and all of the other wonderful rescues out there, thank you for everything you do! And thank you for being just lovely hoomans to partner with. Paws for Giving is lucky to be working with each and every one of you, and I feel truly in awe of how you keep doing what you do every day. You are my heroes!

And, don’t forget to carve out time for you, you deserve it. Know that the love that so many Aussies show for the beautiful animals you rescue is a direct result of your hard work.

You pour your heart and soul into training, teaching, preparing, helping, saving, loving and eventually rehoming those fur-balls. Sometimes it might feel like no one knows what happens behind the scenes — how much administrative work, Macgyvering stuff, bites, scratches, heavy lifting, joy, luck, relief, patience, anxiety and pain you have to experience.

But even if they don’t know, those of us that do will remind you that we appreciate you, and we’ll help to spread the word about the hard work you do! You are pawesome and it’s a privilege to work with animal rescues across Australia, just like yours.

To the animal lovers out there, if you want to read more about the AAR and the other animal rescues that we partner with, head over to the Rescue Partner page. You can read the profile on each animal rescue, and follow their Facebook page for cute animal pictures daily!

Oh and as promised, cute messages, cuter animal pics. Scroll to the right on the post to see the adorable fur balls.

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