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October 03, 2021 2 min read

Because yes, they’re broken 

As an animal rescue advocate with a tech and digital marketing focus, I see a lot of animal rescue biographies on social media. And I know animal rescues and charities have basically zero free time. So I’m not going to make this article any longer than it needs to be!

Here is what many rescues are doing wrong

  1. Not including the words rescue, shelter or foster in their bio. These are essential for people who don’t know the rescue to find them in searches.
  2. Only using acronyms for their name. Again, makes searching incredibly difficult.
  3. Having a different username on different social media platforms
  4. Not including BSB and Account Number (or other relevant banking details) right there on the profile — or a clear indication of where it is
  5. Not including the location (At least state/region and country) of the rescue
  6. Not including a link that goes to the most relevant point of their business focus e.g. a list of links that will allow us to immediately and easily take action (donate, adopt, foster, read FAQ)

    Here is an example of an excellent Instagram bio

    Screenshot of Happy Tails Animal Rescue Inc’s Instagram Page Dated 3/10/21

    What Happy Tails Animal Rescue Inc did right

    • Described their business as an animal rescue service
    • Identified that they are non-profit, their ethos if applicable (no-kill) and where they are based
    • Included a tagline — not absolutely necessary but if you can fit it in is great
    • Used emojis and caps to create an eyecatching point on the bio, directing us to the most important part of the bio — the link. The link contains everything!
      So overall, this bio is perfect, there is nothing I would change about it!

      Who is this guide for?

      If you are involved with, volunteer for or in charge of an animal rescue or charity anywhere in the world, this guide applies to you. And it’s important for Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter, Pinterest, Youtube and anywhere else that you need to post a bio. Once you create the perfect bio, the joy of it is you can copy and paste it.

      Summing Up

      I hope you found this helpful, and if you did please leave a comment to let me know, or if there is anything else you would like to see me answer! For more articles on optimising your Animal Rescue or Charity’s digital marketing approach, check out the link below


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