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October 17, 2021 2 min read

How To Get Comfortable In Front Of A Camera

Advice for rescues and businesses

Photo by Christian Wiediger on Unsplash

Recently at a business group I'm part of, a question was asked that I wanted to share.

“I have toyed with the idea of a YouTube channel but don’t have the confidence to do it… There is just something about a camera that I just can’t stomach…

Do you have any tips for me?”

It can be pretty daunting moving from behind a computer screen to in front of a camera. I have done a little bit on YouTube, and I found my way through this problem by accident.

So in the interest of giving a quick answer, without waffling on, here is how anyone can get comfortable with making Youtube or other videos.

1. Press record

Start recording yourself. Practice talking to the camera.

When you go into filming knowing you aren’t going to publish anything, it’s easier. You’re just trying it out! Give it a go and see what it looks like. Feel awkward about it, sure, but without the pressure of knowing you need to create something specifically to publish. Become familiar with how you look, your camera presence and get comfortable.

2. Practice the way you talk

Talking to a camera is similar to talking to your friends. It can feel odd to be speaking to a device too. So it takes some practice to get the balance right. It also takes practice not to lose your train of thought or to be able to come up with sentences on the fly. When you talk, pretend you are talking to your friend! Remember to look at the camera and not at yourself.

You can also practice talking to your community. Come up with a community name, if you haven’t already got one. For example:

“Hey rescue family! It’s me, Nikki, and I wanted to share with you 3 tips for getting used to talking on camera.”

3. Edit, edit, EDIT!

After a bit of practice talking to a camera, you’ll become more comfortable. And remember that you can always edit your videos! Cut out those awkward bits. Words will flow better, and you’ll find it easier to do, just like you get used to answering the phone or making cold calls in an office job.

The nerves will go away.

In Summary

So if you’re thinking of making videos for YouTube or other videos and have been unsure, do it!

Remember, if you are never going to publish your first attempts, you have nothing to lose!

If you found these tips helpful, please comment and let me know, and if you have your own advice or any more questions, let me know those too!

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