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October 15, 2021 2 min read

Improve donation, adoption, foster and volunteer enquiry rates instantly

If you know anything about me…

Then you’ll know I love helping. I also love optimising, automation and making things better, easier and smoother to work with.

I also love animals and animal rescuers.

So go figure, I want to help you all make things run a bit smoother, faster and easier. And what better way to do that, than to start making blog posts about super easy things that every Aussie animal rescue can fix, each in under 5 minutes.

And what will be the benefits of these fixes?

Oh you know, just little things like increasing and improving your….

  • Donations
  • Credibility
  • Followers

And one easy-peasy way to immediately increase all of these things is to be really clear about your messaging on your Facebook page. What do I mean by that?

Create a pinned post on your Facebook page with essential information

That’s right, I’m talking a ‘hello, please donate to us and like our page — here is our info!’ post. Pinned to the top of your page. Forever.

Here is an example I put together recently for our long-time Rescue Partner Australian Animal Rescue Inc.

These gals and guys are so busy rescuing, fostering, transporting and the like (as are most rescues!) that they barely have enough time to even consider what might optimise their supporters’ experiences on their Facebook page.

So here is the post…

Thanks Australian Animal Rescue for being the guinea pigs in this demonstration!

There was also a photo attached to this post, of a young rescue member holding an animal. As she was under 18, in the interest of privacy I’ve left this photo out.

But it was an excellent photo choice for this kind of post, combining the human and animal element to show what rescue is all about.

Make sure you add a great photo, or better yet a video, introducing yourself and the rescue, to your post!

So what are the ACTUAL benefits of making this kind of post?

Great question! Here are the benefits…

  • Supporters can immediately find donation details
  • You introduce yourself on a personal level as soon as supporters come to your page
  • You add consistent branding to your page, so supporters will perceive your rescue as well put-together and credible
  • You have a warm and open tone, inviting supporters to be a part of your community by liking your page!
  • Consider this post like your announcement board — fundraiser happening? Add the details to the top of the post! Want to thank supporters for a recent large round of donations? Add a sentence in at the start. You don’t need to make a new post each time.

Okay, so where should you even start?

Well, you can copy the different sections of the post above. Easy!

I hope you found some value from this post, and if you ever have any questions or wonder about what could be done better, send me an email at nikki@pawsforgiving.com.au.

And in the meantime, if you’re interested in partnering with Paws for Giving to receive a multitude of benefits, fill out the quick application form here!

This article was originally published on the Paws for Giving website at this page.

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