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October 06, 2021 2 min read

The Paws for Giving Rescue Podcast

Many people don’t realize that small and medium animal rescues rely almost 100% on donations or fundraising in Australia and other developed countries. Something challenging to depend on when you are an entirely volunteer ‘workforce’ and often have families and full-time jobs.

Below is a video snippet of me interviewing Jax Brown, Vice President of the Australian Animal Rescue (AAR). Jax is a highly experienced rescuer, and AAR works with other rescues whenever it is beneficial for the animals.

We see a lot in rescue in Australia, but certainly, not every rescue will do. This is one of the many things I have so much respect for AAR for.

Jax and I were talking about where small and medium Australian animal rescues get their funding from. And how it’s rarely from a consistent source, like the government.

Many Australians don’t know that you can easily see financial reports from most animal rescues (and other charities).

They’re all just available online on the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC) website.

You can download a financial report and see how much rescues received in funding from the government versus donations and other sources. You can also see to some degree where the money was spent. This is what we were discussing in this short snippet of the interview. Below the video, I’ve transcribed the conversation.

Video by the author © 2021 Nikki Waterson

*I’ve edited this transcript for readability without changing the meaning of anything.

Nikki Waterson

You can go onto the [ACNC] website, and you can see the finances of rescues year after year. When you look at that some of the rescue’s financial reports, they might have received a grant of say five or ten thousand dollars if they’re really lucky. Most of them won’t have any grant(s) from the government.

For the most part, in my experience, all rescue income tends to be from fundraising, bequests and donations. Is that your experience too Jax? That the majority are definitely not government funded?

Jax Brown

You know probably 90 percent of the funding comes from donations. Bequests come in there often. But rescues are battling again against organizations like the RSPCA. So donations are 90% of what we get.

The grants are a little better, but the criteria for them is insane, and often you know you’re in this same pot as a human charity. You’ve got no chance, almost.

I hope you found this informative; if you did please leave a comment and consider sharing. And support your local animal rescues. Even liking their Facebook pages is an excellent way to help them out.

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