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Custom Pet Portraits Australia

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Frequently Asked Questions

We offer a 2 week guarantee on getting you your first draft of your pet portrait (not including revisions).

Physical Portraits

After this, from the time that revisions are finished and we receive your final approval to print the portrait, it takes 2-4 weeks for the portrait to be reviewed, printed and sent to you by our printer.

Digital Portraits

If you don't order the physical item, no need to wait! We will send you your final ready to print version only a few days after you confirm you are happy with the draft!

In the unlikely event that we cannot create a final product that you are in love with, we will provide you a complete refund.

To make sure that you absolutely love your pet portrait, once you review the digital proof that we send to you, you just let us know if you want any changes from your budget of unlimited revisions. See the tab over for more information!

That's right, for your portrait you receive unlimited revisions, meaning you can be assured that we're going to perfectly capture your pet's unique personality in their portrait. This is because it's essential to us that however many custom portraits you order, every single one is perfect and captures your pet's unique personality in it!

This is why you will receive digital file after digital file - no matter how many revisions you ask for! And it's also why Paws for Giving is highly recommended with 5 stars on all of our reviews!

Your furry loved ones with be perfectly represented in your cat or dog portrait, and the whole process will be easy from start to finish. Don't hesitate to ask to use one or more of those unlimited revisions, the details should be perfect!

We absolutely love making it easy for you, so you can upload photos directly from your phone!

We can do any background colour you want. After all, we're going to give you the best experience possible so that you're happy with your loved one's portrait. Just describe the colour in the notes section.

We can do any animals - from a dog portrait to a portrait of your tree frog. If you can take photos of your pets, we can create their pet portraits.

To order and receive your physical custom pet portrait, follow this proces:

1) Submit your order

2) Receive your first draft (1-2 weeks)

3) Approve or request further edits

4) Once approved, we order your canvas from our printer (about 2 weeks)

5) You receive a ready to hang canvas!

The order process for a DIGITAL custom pet portrait is as follows:

1) Submit your order

2) Receive your first draft (1-2 weeks)

3) Approve or request further edits

4) Once approved, we send you a high quality print-ready version of your artwork in a digital file (A4 size)

If you order a physical pet portrait as a gift, it can either be delivered direct to the gift recipient, or we can have it shipped to you first.

If you want to wrap it, we recommend having it shipped to you, as in order to get the portrait to you as soon as possible and minimise shipping costs, we have them shipped directly from our printer here in Australia.

You can choose whichever payment method you want once you go through checkout. A new window will open up, and the external website for your payment provider will securely charge you for your purchase.

Nope! You can do everything you need to place your order on the product pages (hit one of the links that say Buy Now).

About Our Custom Pet Portraits

Custom Pet Portraits Australia

Let us capture your pet's unique personality in your custom pet portrait (digital or physical).

Each pet portrait is created from the pet photo you provide, so that you are happy that your dog portrait, cat portrait or mixture of any animals is the exact pet portrait you wanted.

As a pet lover, you can rest assured that your fur babies are in good hands, as our physical pet portrait and our digital pet portrait both come with infinite revisions until you are 100% sure they look exactly like they do when you give them cuddles at home.

We know finding the perfect cat or dog portrait (or any other animal!) in a style you love can be difficult, which is why we work hard to create the perfect digital pet portrait for a wide range of tastes, made right here in Australia.

The moment you start the process of ordering your very own custom pet portrait, you will know for sure that we love pets just as much as you do. In fact we might try to steal yours!

Looking for the process behind ordering the perfect gift – a cat, mouse, rabbit, snake or dog portrait, custom to you and your special furry (or not furry) loved ones?

Here is the process behind your custom pet portrait:

Our custom pet portraits are often discounted from our regular price, so you can even pick up a pet portrait for a loved one for a bargain sale price on occasion!

Just follow these simple steps to place your order: 1. Fill in the detailson the product page including your pet names, font, background colour and any notes.

2. Choose the perfect pet photo (you can easily upload by ordering from your mobile device, choosing your gallery app and finding the photos you are happy with!) Make sure you choose a photo that clearly shows your pet’s face.

3. Once you’re happyyou’ve uploaded your pet’s best photos, place your order.

4. If you are after a custom size digital or physical portrait, no worries just send an email with your request! For instance, maybe you want to make sure the canvas is large enough to accommodate your gorgeous horse portrait. No worries! Just leave a note, send an email or call.

5. Once complete,you receive a digital download whether you order a physical or digital pet portrait of your fur babies. Your digital file will be A4 sized with 300DPI print ready quality. Ultimately, we know that your pet deserves to be recreated in an artwork that is the best quality and the purrfect reflection of your furry loved one.

6. If you ordered a physical pet portrait, it will be shipped to you to arrive within 10-15 days from when you confirm you are happy with your order.

Note: Choosing your favourite photo of your pet? Get in touch for some help, or send extras by email! And don’t forget to let us know if you don’t want the portrait displayed publicly, if you’re giving it as a gift for example. We would hat to ruin the surprise, but we do love sharing our portraits. Just send us an email saying you don’t want it displayed publicly if that’s the case!

We truly only have happy customers, thanks to our infinite revisions, 100% satisfaction guarantee and amazing customer service, just checkout our reviews to see.

Looking for some inspiration on choosing your portrait’s background colour for your pet portrait?

Head to the gallery of images above and swipe left to see even more gorgeous pet portraits for inspiration.

Did someone you know recently lost their pet? Or maybe your best friend just deserves a gorgeous pet portrait of their fur-babies on the wall.

Our pet portraits are just the best gift for anyone who loves their pets dearly. Once you have your digital file, you can print the your pet portrait on a mug, phone case or any other item from a printer like Vistaprint or Snapfish. Plus, arranging that is just as easy on your mobile device as it is to place an order with us!