North East Animal Sanctuary Tasmania

North East Animal Sanctuary Tasmania (NEAST) is a 100% volunteer run rescue and sanctuary based in the North East of Tasmania.

NEAST is a completely volunteer rescue and is generally staffed by up to 7 volunteers and about 4 foster carers. As a No Kill sanctuary, they are dedicated to finding the right homes for their animals, with a strong focus on matchmaking.

In 2020, NEAST rehomed approximately 145 dogs, puppies, cats and kittens. A number of these pets came to NEAST because the owners surrendered them to their local vet to be euthanised due to needing expensive procedures, or not wanting the pet anymore.

As a completely volunteer run rescue, NEAST rescue workers all hold other jobs. NEAST are looking forward to finishing their cattery, and setting up purpose built kennels to cater for more dogs.