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Meet Our Partners

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Profiles, partnerships and puppies (oh my!)

Whether you are deciding on who to suppawt, or are just curious about the rescues that we partner with, you can find out more about each of our partners below.

Simply hover over the logo, and have a read of each Rescue Partner profile.

To find out more information about partnering with Paws for Giving, how we choose our Rescue Partners and whether we can partner with your rescue or a rescue you love to suppawt, head to our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Otherwise, you can fill out a form to Request A Partner Information Pack for either rescues or businesses.


Good Hoomans We Love To Work With

These businesses have supported and partnered with Paws for Giving, helping us do everything we can to be the best gift shop for good hoomans.

Show them some love and check out what they do, because they are amazing!

Goodwill_Wine_Logo_Paws_for_Giving_Partner_e9ed2257-339d-4108-9ae9-7ebb7836da8b-Paws for Giving

Goodwill Wine has given back over $400,000 to charities as part of donating 50% of profits to a charity of your choice. So they're clearly the best place ever to buy wine online!

Goodwill Wine and Paws for Giving have partnered together and the support Goodwill Wine has shown for us as a fledgling social enterprise has been enormous. Plus, seriously good wines.

Goodwill Wine

The_Growth_Genies_Paws_for_Giving_Partner-Paws for Giving

The Growth Genies are an Australian-owned creative growth agency that supports pet biz around the world. Absolute animal fanatics who love nothing more than seeing meaningful pet businesses grow & flourish.

Supporting animal rescues and giving back to our partners, as well as supporting Paws for Giving!

The Growth Genies

LV14ZVwmT02tAv92goIq_Delta_Mash_Logo_Horizontal_Black_RGB-Paws for Giving

Delta Mash Change Management is an Australian based Change Management Agency. They have been a huge help in all the changes that Paws for Giving has been through from the beginning, at no cost.

Delta Mash