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Request A Rescue Partner Information Pack

Hey friendos!

We're always open to new partnerships with small or medium Aussie animal rescue groups who are ACNC registered, and who fit with our Rescue Partner Terms & Conditions.

For a complete information pack, fill out a bit about your rescue in the contact form. We'll be in touch as soon as pawssible to provide you more information about our Rescue Partner Program.

Want To Vouch For a Rescue?

Want To Vouch For a Rescue?

Do you support a rescue group who you would love to see Paws for Giving partner with? We are always open to new partnerships, and when supporters vouch for a rescue, we really appreciate knowing that rescue is out there doing great work, enough to inspire that kind of a community!

So if you would love to see your favourite rescue become a Paws for Giving Rescue Partner, go ahead and vouch for them now using this contact form.

Request A Business Partner Information Pack

We partner with Australian businesses who donate various things to our Rescue Partners. These partnerships can come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, for example, you might be interested in offering one or more of our Rescue Partners any of the following:

- Pro Bono Services

- Monetary Donations

- Product Donations

If any of these pique your interest, fill out the form to request a Corporate Partner Information Pack!