The Rescue Collective

TThe Rescue Collective was born from a love of animals and a concern about the lack of systems supporting animal rescue. Its aim is to simply support the people and organisations that care for sick and injured animals by creating a community of caring.

The Rescue Collective specialises in providing support to animal rescue groups and animal carers in tough times. Did you know that nearly all animal carers and rescue groups in Australia are self-funded? That makes it hard when tough times strike, like natural disasters, heat waves, drought, and medical emergencies or during ‘trauma season’ when native animals become more vulnerable.

Focused primarily on Queensland, but at times, such as the fires of 2019/20 , they extend aid to other Australian states and territories. The assistance provided allows for the financial, mental, physical, and psychological reprieve for those caring for animals, in turn allowing them to focus on what is most important – rescuing and rehabilitating animals.