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Custom Watercolour Pet Portrait

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What You Get - The Ultimate Gift for Pet Lovers

Your Pet on Canvas

  • Either a digital (A4 sized file) or printed on canvas portrait
  • Size Options - 20 x 30cm, 30 x 45cm, 50 x 75cm
  • Frame Options - White, Black, Faux Dark Wood Grain

Your pet in Digital

  • 1 x High-quality 300dpi A4 sized print-ready file (if you require a larger size, just leave the dimension in notes)
  • 1 x square social media ready digital file

How to Order

  1. Select how many subjects are in your portrait (1-3).
  2. Select your portrait type (digital or a canvas print, size, and framed or unframed)
  3. Go through each portrait option, upload your image(s) and fill in all of the information.
  4. If you want a custom background select that button and describe the background in the notes.
Portrait Type
No. of Subjects
Canvas Size
Digital 1 N/A N/A $59.95
Digital 2 N/A N/A $69.95
Digital 3 N/A N/A $79.95
Physical 1-3 20 x 30 cm No $155.00
Physical 1-3 20 x 30 cm Yes $185.00
Physical 1-3 30 x 45 cm No $185.00
Physical 1-3 30 x 45 cm Yes $215.00
Physical 1-3 50 x 75 cm No $215.00
Physical 1-3 50 x 75 cm Yes $245.00

Choosing Your Photos

Photos should be:

  • Front on showing the whole head and upper body of your pet
  • Not laying down
  • Facing towards the camera, even if they aren't looking at it
  • Taken in good lighting
  • Not blurry, fuzzy or small (don't screenshot another photo, the quality will be poor!)
  • Taken from the same height as your pet, get down to their level.
  • Not covered by blankets, objects etc.

Our Process Creating Your Portrait

  • Once we receive suitable photos, your 2-week guarantee begins! Receive your first portrait digital draft within 2 weeks.
  • Approve it, or request further edits of your portrait
  • Ordered a digital print? Once approved, we send you the final digital files within 48 hours of approval. Then you can print them whenever you like!
  • Ordered a canvas? Once approved, we order your physical canvas from our printer (about 2 weeks).
  • You receive a ready to hang canvas! Trust us, you're going to absolutely love it. And if we didn't do an amazing job, we offer a 100% money-back satisfaction guarantee.

    Looking for our reviews? Check them out on our pet portraits page!

            Tips on Buying Your Pet Portrait

            Your Personal Introduction - Ordering from Paws for Giving

            I'm Nikki Waterson, the owner of Paws for Giving!

            In this 2 minute video I give you the quick run down on what the deal is with Paws for Giving, and why we're the best pet portraits out! gives you a 2 minute explainer on ordering from Paws for Giving. Also you get to meet Cherry! 🐶

            Watch three animal lovers unwrapping their custom pet portraits

            I put the call out for anyone who had a special story who would appreciate a pet portrait, and that I would love a video of them opening it. I gave out many pet portraits, and these three videos especially touched my heart.

            Each portrait was of such a beautiful, precious animal that the giftees loved so much. I loved turning this into a compilation, and I still tear up when I watch it!

            Frequently Asked Questions

            We offer a 2 week guarantee on getting you your first draft of your pet portrait (not including revisions).

            Physical Portraits

            After this, from the time that revisions are finished and we receive your final approval to print the portrait, it takes 2-4 weeks for the portrait to be reviewed, printed and sent to you by our printer.

            Digital Portraits

            If you don't order the physical item, no need to wait! We will send you your final ready to print version only a few days after you confirm you are happy with the draft!

            In the unlikely event that we cannot create a final product that you are in love with, we will provide you a complete refund.

            To make sure that you absolutely love your pet portrait, once you review the digital proof that we send to you, you just let us know if you want any changes from your budget of unlimited revisions. See the tab over for more information!

            That's right, for your portrait you receive unlimited revisions, meaning you can be assured that we're going to perfectly capture your pet's unique personality in their portrait. This is because it's essential to us that however many custom portraits you order, every single one is perfect and captures your pet's unique personality in it!

            This is why you will receive digital file after digital file - no matter how many revisions you ask for! And it's also why Paws for Giving is highly recommended with 5 stars on all of our reviews!

            Your furry loved ones with be perfectly represented in your cat or dog portrait, and the whole process will be easy from start to finish. Don't hesitate to ask to use one or more of those unlimited revisions, the details should be perfect!

            We absolutely love making it easy for you, so you can upload photos directly from your phone!

            We can do any animals - from a dog portrait to a portrait of your tree frog. If you can take photos of your pets, we can create their pet portraits.

            To order and receive your physical custom pet portrait, follow this proces:

            1) Submit your order

            2) Receive your first draft (1-2 weeks)

            3) Approve or request further edits

            4) Once approved, we order your canvas from our printer (about 2 weeks)

            5) You receive a ready to hang canvas!

            The order process for a DIGITAL custom pet portrait is as follows:

            1) Submit your order

            2) Receive your first draft (1-2 weeks)

            3) Approve or request further edits

            4) Once approved, we send you a high quality print-ready version of your artwork in a digital file (A4 size)

            Our Paw-romises To You

            A Keepsake of your Furbaby to Treasure Forever


            A Keepsake of your Furbaby to Treasure Forever
            100% Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee


            100% Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee
            2 Week Turnaround or it's Free


            2 Week Turnaround or it's Free
            Infinite Revisions Until it's Perfect


            Infinite Revisions Until it's Perfect

            What Others Love About Our Portraits

            About Our Custom Pet Portraits

            Let us capture your pet's unique personality in your custom pet portrait.

            We have a 'Customer reviews based' methodology, and so guarantee that through the whole experience you will be 100% satisfied. Plus you will end up with a portrait you absolutely love!

            Pet portraits are an incredibly unique gift, and whether you opt for the digital file or your own printed pet portraits, we guarantee you'll have the best experience pawssible.

            As pet owners ourselves, and aficionados when it comes to custom pet portraits, we know the importance of creating the perfect gift in your cat or dog portrait.

            Which is why if we wouldn't be happy to have it displayed publicly.

            We'll keep working on your custom pet portrait until we feel it's ready, and the perfect gift for you or your loved one!

            You will always receive multiple digital files during the process.

            A digital file for every single draft we create so that you can see every detail of your custom dog portrait, and once we finish your portrait and you are happy with it, you'll receive a digital file suitable for printing at A4 size in high quality, plus a digital file for social media.

            So you can show off your gorgeous portrait to your loved ones!

            That's enough digital files from your custom cat or dog portrait to last a lifetime!

            Looking to order multiple custom pet portraits? Message us at the messenger button below and we'll discuss how we can provide you the perfect gift!

            Don't forget to check out our photo guide to help us best capture your pet's unique personality.

            That way when you receive your digital file of your custom pet artwork, we know you'll love it!